Victory Sports Scores Big in San Angelo

May 4, 2023

A new soccer program at The Salvation Army in San Angelo is providing children a great way to exercise and learn teamwork and discipline. Victory Sports Ministries, led by Major Angel Calderon, started in the spring of 2022 and is about to begin their third season of competition.

Major Calderon has a passion for community sports programs and over the years has established Victory Sports at various Salvation Army locations. “We started the soccer program in the spring of 2022, not long after the world was in lockdown and had 45 players that first season,” said Calderon. “In the fall we had 95 players bracketed into 11 teams, employing three referees and four coaches.”

Teams practiced twice each week with games on Saturdays. The schedule included an opening and closing ceremony where players were awarded trophies and participation certificates. Victory Sports Ministries hope to have even more children and families involved in the 2023 spring season that kicks off on April 15, and are exploring the possibility of expanding into other sports beyond soccer.

“Sports are a great way to bring children and families together and provide a wonderful opportunity for ministry. As a Salvation Army Officer, I get to minister to those who attend our church each week, to people who come to us for assistance, but the sports program provides a unique opportunity and is truly an outreach into the community,” said Calderon. “It’s much more than simply teaching the children to play soccer. We are also teaching them about sportsmanship and how to be good teammates. We pray with them and show them the love of Christ in all we do.”

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