Santa, the Major, and Two Disney Hats Fulfill Boys’ Wishes

Nov 8, 2022

Every year during the holidays, Santa pays a surprise visit to children living in The Salvation Army shelter in Austin. Always a big hit at their Christmas party, Santa spreads a little holiday cheer and asks the children for their Christmas wishes. This year, he met two brothers, Jordan and George, and asked,“What do you want for Christmas?” Jordan smiled and giggled. “Disney World!” he said.

“Santa goes to Disney World all the time. He goes all over the place,” said Santa. “But if you went to Disney World, what would you get?” With barely a second’s thought, Jordan said he’d like a hat, but not just any hat. He wanted a Stitch hat and his younger brother asked for a Mickey Mouse hat. 

Knowing he already had some post-Christmas R&R planned at Disney World, Santa told the boys they would get their wishes and made a deal with them. He said that after his busy season was over, he would give the hats to Major Lewis Reckline, the Austin Area Commander, to deliver.

Santa kept up his end of the deal and, as promised, sent the Major to their home after the holidays with the Disney hats and a bonus: some yummy candy. 

“The boys were so excited when I delivered Santa’s gifts to them! Jordan got his Stitch hat and George got Mickey!” Major Reckline said.

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you’ve done for my kids,” the boys’ mother said. “And also everything you do for the community.”

“This is just one of many examples of how The Salvation Army strives to give children more than just a safe place to stay,” Major Reckline said. “We try to provide a sense of normalcy and happiness during the holidays and all year round.”

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