Kids Learn to Mind Their P’s & Q’s at Etiquette Dinner

May 29, 2022

Members of the Women’s Auxiliary prepare salads for hungry guests

Almost 70 children and parents, many dressed in their Sunday best, attended the Sixth Annual Etiquette Dinner recently presented by the Women’s Auxiliary of Bryan/College Station. Cloth-covered tables, beautiful centerpieces, silverware, and napkins awaited the young dinner guests.

Children attending weekly Character-Building programs were welcomed by Women’s Auxiliary President Mildred Davis. Before heading into the dining room, Davis covered expectations for the evening, explained the rules of table etiquette, and answered questions.

The young diners learned to fold and use a napkin, to always pass bread, dressing and other items to the left, hold a knife and fork properly, and were reminded not to put their elbows on the table and never to speak with food in their mouths.

“We look forward to the etiquette dinner each year. Our kids love learning proper table etiquette and dressing up for dinner,” said Captain Timothy Israel, commanding officer.  “We are grateful to the Women’s Auxiliary for their incredible support and the love and care they continuously show the young people.” The Women’s Auxiliary, founded in 2007, is a fundraising, educational, and volunteer service group that supports the work of The Salvation Army.

Families were joined by Advisory Board members and staff for a delicious three-course dinner including salad, barbecue chicken, corn and green beans, and cheesecake for dessert. The meal was prepared and served by Women’s Auxiliary members. Children and parents also had the opportunity to take photographs together after dinner.

“It’s been so nice to have a meal like this together. We don’t get to do this very often,” said Michelle, a mother accompanying her children to dinner. Another Mom, Nisha, said “It’s good to teach the kids something they need to know. Manners are very important and something we all need.”

“I learned a lot about manners. Instead of eating with your hands, you should use a knife and fork,” said Ashari. “They told us how to hold them and everything. It’s been fun and the food was good – especially the cheesecake!”

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