From a Stairwell and the Streets to Sobriety and a Future

Feb 21, 2023

Seven years ago, Scott was homeless and seeking shelter in a parking garage stairwell. Today he has a good job, home and family, and is excited about the future. His journey of recovery and restoration began at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC).

After years of alcohol and drug abuse, Scott’s life was falling apart. He lost custody of his son and was served restraining orders against his parents. “I was lost and out of options and caught a bus to Dallas to find a rehab program,” said Scott. Alone and without hope, he lived on the streets for a few months. Then someone told him about The Salvation Army. 

“I checked in on October 28, 2015, without knowing what to expect. That first month or so was tough,” said Scott. “I was physically exhausted, my body was detoxing and my social skills were horrible. I spent most days fighting the urge to leave. But I thank God
I stayed.”

As his health and emotional state improved, Scott got involved in various classes including Alcoholics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery and even the center’s softball team. “I played sports all my life until my addictions took over and really enjoyed playing with the guys. And as I listened to the officers and staff, I found myself actually trying to be a better person.”

Scott graduated from the 180-day, free rehab program on April 25, 2016. “While at The Salvation Army, I regained my strength, got a handle on life and rediscovered my work ethic,” said Scott. “I rebuilt relationships with my family, and eventually moved back home to Wichita Falls. Everything began to fall back into place.”

Scott has been married for four years to Shalena, a wonderful woman who actively supports his ongoing recovery and sobriety. He works for Pepsi, recently earning a promotion to the leadership team. Perhaps best of all, Scott now plays an active role in his son’s life and raises two stepchildren.

              “I have simple dreams for the future: to see my kids grow to be good people, to find challenge and fulfillment in my job, and to make many more memories with my wife,” said Scott. “The Salvation Army will always be close to my heart. Without the physical, emotional and spiritual foundation I gained while at the ARC, none of what I have now would be possible.”

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