Lee - A Legacy of Giving and Service

Apr 25, 2023

Why do you serve as a volunteer or support The Salvation Army? People have wonderful, personal stories that have motivated them to give and serve over the years. Lee, a committed volunteer in Lewisville, Texas, reflects on the example of her father, many years ago in Australia.

“I remember from my childhood how impressed my father was with The Salvation Army. People were coming back from war, and he would visit them coming off the boats and trains,” said Lee. “He always said the Salvos were there to welcome folks home, handing out hot tea and biscuits.”

Once she was old enough to receive pocket money, Lee was taught to always set a little aside. “When Christmas came around, we took my little bag of coins that I’d saved and put it in the kettle. That was a great lesson for me.”

Now retired, Lee continues to be passionate about the mission and ministry of The Salvation Army and regularly attends The Salvation Army church, enjoying the music of the brass band and singing in the choir. She is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Rich Lubke Community Garden which provides fresh produce to The Salvation Army kitchen and food pantry. “I look around and see what I have and then see young families who are struggling,” said Lee. “I remind myself, ‘but for the grace of God go I.’ It seems I have a knack for gathering and rallying people, and so that’s what I’ve done for The Salvation Army.”

For a number of years, Lee has coordinated an Army of volunteers to man the Red Kettle Campaign, including bell ringers, callers, runners and whatever else the program needs. “I’m known as the Red Kettle Lady and that’s okay with me!”

“When I think of The Salvation Army, I think of service, helping people and doing the most good,” said Lee. “I think my dad would be proud of me and he’d have expected me to do this. He’d be shaking the bushes trying to get volunteers out there, and I have no doubt he’d be ringing the bell too.”

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